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Blagdon Pond Monsta Pond Vacuum with Collector

The Blagdon Pond Monsta is the latest innovation from Blagdon ‘The Pond Masters’ to make cleaning your pond easy.

Blagdon Pond Monsta is a patented design that uses the latest technology to make cleaning a pond easy, quick and safe for your fish. Pond Monsta is economical, its powerful suction removes pond waste, up to 32mm in diameter, with ease saving you time allowing you to sit back and enjoy your water garden.

The Monsta has a powerful 6000 litre per hour motor which makes it 4 times faster than other vacuums, which average 1500 litre per hour and is able to remove bigger heavier particles. However, two smaller impellors are included so that the speed and hence flowrate can be slower should you wish. The on/off switch, which is built in to the handle, sends radio signals to the receiver which is incorporated as part of the mains power supply. The motor power is 350 watts which is much more cost effective to run than other vacs, whose power consumption can be as high as 1500 watt.

The maximum size that most other vacs can collect is 10mm, where as the Pond Monsta will suck up solids of up to 32mm. The large area of the Pond Monsta Collector means much lower maintenance levels than other vacs. The near neutral buoyancy of the Pond Monsta allows easy movement around the pond. The adjustable telescopic handle extends from 1.2 m to 2.2 m, but an (optional) 1.2 m extension can be purchased to extend it’s reach. It is supplied with a 100 mm and 200 mm cleaning nozzle and a 300mm brush head can be purchased if you have large flat areas to clean.

The Blagdon Pond Monsta is supplied with 6 m of hose, a 3 year guarantee and 13 m of cable. The Pond Monsta Collector allows water to be pumped through a fine mesh allowing collection of particles larger than 2 mm such as pebbles, leaves and weed. It will not collect silt or sediment. The water returns through 2 x 1.5 inch hose connectors. The Collector collapses for easy storage or can be used as a hose storage.


Product Description

Blagdon Pond Monsta Features:

  • Powerful suction – 6000 lph
  • Economical pump motor 350 watt
  • Removes small & large debris up to 32 mm
  • Easy to remove collector with large capacity
  • Easy to store and set up

Easy – in pool near neutral buoancy allows ease of movement around the pond floor.

Economical – Low wattage motor compared to other pond vacuum systems.

Quick – 4 times faster than other pond vacuums.

Effective – Powerful suction, removes leaves, stones (up to 32mm), blanket weed and sludge. Up to 6000 l/h flow.

Environmental – The Pond Monsta collector allows – collection of 2 mm or more solids for composting and allows water to be recycled to the pond or used to water the rest of the garden.

Safe – Pond floor intake prevents any harm from coming to fish.

Control and safety – Remote control Power on / power off switch.

Flexible – upgrades available, handle extension and different cleaning heads complete the range

Many customers concerns when using a pond vacuum, is that the water sucked up has to go to waste.  The Blagdon Pond Monsta Collector can help solve this problem. The water from your Pond Monsta vacuum can be rooted into the Collector, where particles larger than 2 mm will be filtered leaving water and any smaller waste to be recirculated into your pond. The Collector will not filter fine silt and sediment. Once used it can collapse flat so that it can be stored easily in a compact space.